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Living with Dams: Extreme Rainfall Events | 2015

Development of an Operation

Program helps ensure the safe

operation of a dam. This includes

normal operations and special

routines necessary during

emergencies. Prescribed reservoir

operation guidelines should be

developed to address operation

during extreme rainfall events.

The Operation Program may also

include equipment operation

instructions, periodic and

systematic testing of equipment

and increased monitoring of

instrumentation and gages during

extreme rainfall events.

3. Timely correction of dam

safety deficiencies

When dam safety deficiencies

are identified it is important that

corrective actions are carried out in

a well-planned and timely fashion

to reduce the potential of a dam

failure. The need for corrective

actions to address deficiencies may

be established by state regulation

or be recommended as a result

of owner or operator inspection


Reasons for recommending

corrective actions may include

but are not limited to structural

deficiencies, damaged or

inoperable equipment, changes

in engineering guidelines or

regulatory requirements such

as revised spillway capacity

requirements and revisions in

hazard classification.

How can one reduce the

chances of a dam failing from

an extreme rainfall event?