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Living with Dams: Extreme Rainfall Events | 2015

What’s next for an owner?

It is imperative to understand that

all dams will deteriorate with age

and it is impossible to guarantee

that a dam will never fail. However,

dam owners can take steps to

reduce and minimize the risk of

their dam failing.

Dam owners must recognize their

responsibilities and be vigilant in

addressing any dam deficiencies.

One of the most important

measures owners can take to

reduce the possibility of dam failure

would be to establish an effective

dam safety program in accordance

with their state or federal dam

safety requirements. Such a

program will help to ensure that

potentially dangerous conditions

are recognized, accounted for, and

addressed. The dam safety program

will also help assure that the dam

is meeting current regulations and

standards of care.

Living with Dams:

Extreme Weather


A Dam Owner

Needs to:

Design to Industry,

State and Federal




Observe and record

changes at your dam

or outside factors

that affect its safety/

performance and be

prepared to respond


Practice situational

awareness and


Have your dam

inspected routinely.

Ensure Proper

Design, Construction,

Maintenance and


Adhere to

regulations, no short

cuts or random


Avoid Short

term band aids

(drawdown, etc.).

Invest in repair and

routine maintenance.

Be in contact with

your State Dam

Safety Office.

Have an up-to-date

Emergency Action

Plan, Inundation


How can one reduce the

chanc s of a dam failing from

an extreme rainfall event?

Anti Seepage filter