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Living with Dams: Know Your Risk | April 2012
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Could my life and property be affected
by a nearby dam?
Dams provide drinking water, hydroelectric or water
power, flood control, recreation and many other benefits
to people or local economies. But dams can pose
significant risks to people living downstream should they
There are dams in every U.S. state. It is important to know
if you and your loved ones live, work or recreate in areas
that may be affected by the presence of a dam and what
to do if this is the case.
This booklet was created to help answer questions about
dams: what purposes they serve, what risks are associated
with dams and where you can get information about
how to react if you are affected by a dam.
This booklet was prepared by the Association of State Dam Safety Officials in
conjunction with and through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management